4 Steps Before You Begin a Home Remodeling Project

So, you’re ready to remodel your home. It could be a one room in your house like a bathroom remodel or you might be after a complete home renovation. While the thrill of creating your dream home can be exciting, there are some things you should accomplish or consider before the first day of work.

Create an Inspiration Board

We are usually drawn to many different styles, patterns, colors, and shapes. All of these home remodeling ideas can feel overwhelming, but laying them all out can help you find themes. This organization will create clarity for you and be a helpful resource if and when you work with an interior designer. 


Pro tip: Create a Pinterest Board and pin images and articles from around the internet to layout a mood board for the room or rooms you plan to remodel.

Plan, Plan, Plan

All of these steps could be considered planning, but it only highlights the importance of a well planned home remodeling project. 


Good planning includes: 

  • Knowing your budget

  • Learning about zoning rules and regulations

  • Obtaining any permits needed

  • Understanding your timeline


There are many reasons to be excited about home renovation, but you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches in the future if you put together a thorough plan ahead of time.

Ask the Right Questions

Working with a team to help you bring your home remodeling ideas to life requires trust. Asking the right questions of your interior design and contractor can help put you at ease. You’ll be working closely with these teams so it makes sense to make sure you’re a good fit for each other.

If you’re unsure of what to ask start with these:

  • Do you have previous work that I can see?

  • What is your estimated project timeline?

  • Who obtains and verifies the permits for a project?

  • How much will this project cost?

There are no right or wrong questions to ask your prospective partners. The important thing here is that you get to know and trust the person you will be working with on your home renovation.

Practice Patience

The very fact that this article is all about planning ahead before rushing into a home remodeling project should help stress the importance of patience. Having ideas, creating mood boards, laying out blueprints are all exciting steps towards creating a home you love. However, setting the right expectations about time and having patience will ensure that things are well thought out and done correctly. What’s the benefit of rushing a job only to require additional work and more time fixing all the things that went wrong because of a lack of planning.


Preparing for your home remodel should ultimately be exciting. Doing your due diligence will relieve the pressure and worry while giving you plenty of time to enjoy the process of seeing your vision come to life.

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