Commercial Interior Design

Are you ready for a completely new experience in commercial interior design? Lavish is here.

You want a space that is inviting to clients and makes them feel instantly welcome and ready to work with you, right? It takes a well-executed vision to transform a space into an experience.

Lavish interior design wants to be your premier partner for creating a design that’s perfect for your business, no matter the price point. Whether it’s a calming environment for your service-based business, a professional one that lends credibility to your trade, or an atmosphere that people just want to spend more time in – we take you through the process and create the vision that supports the vibe you want. Just one look around our retail studio, and you’ll see that can we create upbeat and energetic atmospheres as well.

At lavish, we understand that atmosphere is not only about the furniture and art of a commercial interior. Design is also about the atmosphere created by the flow of the space, how you and others feel while using it, and the emotions that the aesthetic evokes.

What is a lavish experience, really?

A lavish experience is one that fills you abundantly with your heart’s desire – contentment, joy, peace, excitement – the possibilities are endless. Counter-intuitively, abundance often comes from a less is more – quality over quantity – design concept. Read: you don’t have to spend lavishly to create a lavish experience in your commercial space or home.

What matters most is getting clear on the experience you want those using the space to have, and having designers that understand how to emulate those feelings through the aesthetic surrounding them.

The team at lavish brings a wealth of experience and design talent together to create an experience that is second-to-none for you as the owner. From envisioning to designing to execution, our clients feel treated and supported each step of the way. Read more about us here.

What does lavish offer that other commercial interior designers near me don’t?

Because we believe that connected relationships are at the heart of living and working in well-designed spaces, our commercial interior design doesn’t distract you from being present to your conversations. Peruse the snapshots on our commercial portfolio to get a sample of office interior designs.

Even better, come and experience the retail studio.

We offer commercial interior design ideas that challenge and stretch the imagination, yet allow an immersive experience that is beautiful and conducive to conversation.

In our live lavish blog, we share upcoming events and experiences to inspire and open the lid on what’s possible for your space.

There are loads of other interior designers out there. How will I know Lavish is right for my business?

Don’t take our word for it. Come and visit us, and experience our work. While you’re there, pay attention to how you feel in our office, when going through interior design options. Let us know what your goals are, and how you want your patrons to feel in your space. We work within a wide range of budgets, because we’re strategic with our commercial interior design ideas. You can do a total transformation or you can start with a declutter and a few key design elements to gradually change the experience of your space. The sky is the limit – but if we aren’t the commercial interior designer for you, we’ll be honest.

What kinds of materials does Lavish use?

We have curated some of the most eclectic mix of pieces available on the market today. Upholstered furniture and accent pillows made from luxurious textiles and smart patterns. We have lighting pieces, from vintage to modern, that bring both beautiful form and function to any space, as well as, complementary art pieces that tie everything together and bring in just the right attitude. We appreciate décor that is both noteworthy on a standalone basis and yet cohesive within the overall space. Come see a sample of what we’ve pulled together at our Retail Studio.


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Ready to begin your lavish experience?

You deserve the very best in commercial interior design experiences, and we’re ready to treat you. We’re curious to hear what kind of experience you want to have! Reach out by filling in your contact info here, calling us at (919) 803-3383 or visiting us at 6325 Falls of Neuse Road #31, North Raleigh.

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